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The Suppressed Spirit of Wintertime

16 Dec

I find the hustle and bustle of this time of year to be almost ironically the opposite of how we should be spending this time. Winter should be for retrospection and isolation of self, but instead we expend our energy, stretch it even further thin than we normally do. If you celebrate Christmas, it can be an intense time, spent mostly with others and probably ending with an exhausted huff when you do finally have a moment to yourself. New Year’s Eve and Day, which is only significant to the Gregorian calendar, can be even more exhausting, performative, and guilt ridden. We analyze our calendar years and feel like we haven’t done enough. The season of winter is a challenging one for us humans, simply because we made it that way.

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Earth and Air in Astrology

17 Nov

(click here to read the post I wrote on the natural oppositional nature of fire and water in astrology).

Earth and Air are elemental opposites in astrology. Earth is grounding, mature, reliable, practical, prepared. Air is fickle, highbrow, unquantifiable, clever, curious.

Earth is tangible. You can plant your bare feet into soil and massage it between your toes, grab it and watch it discolour your hands and feet. Air is indefinable on its own. You can watch it sway trees and move oceans, but you cannot see air alone.

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The Opposing Nature of Fire and Water Signs

25 Sep

(click here for the post I wrote on the Earth and Air elements).

Fire and water are elemental opposites in astrology. Fire is pure, transparent, familiar, open, hot. Water is murky, hidden, unknown, segregate, cool.

Fire is easily attainable. The oceans have yet to be explored thoroughly.

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