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An ode to the bathroom.

17 Feb

I spent my childhood looking over my shoulder,

growing stiffer and colder,

afraid of my fragile soul being demeaned;

I would have rather no one intervened.

But, my bedroom was never a safe haven away from prying eyes and concerned looks

So whenever I was craving

a peaceful, private nook

To the bathroom I would spring,

my place to be understood.

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Every Night I Am Not Here

14 Jan

Dream states are altered consciousness

and I know this

but the theory is immortalized as I slip into the abyss.

a white noise app fills the silence of the night. I pick familiar sounds to soothe my slumber-a crackling fire, a heavy rainstorm, roaring city streets. They envelop me in warmth and nostalgia.

I drift, closer to sleep.

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Past, Present, Future.

6 Jan

When you already feel a million years old in your soul, it’s hard to want to grow old.

My chance to watch the world in wonder has already walked away from me.

Now, I look with grief stricken eyes.

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I asked and I received: a testament to the power of the mind.

30 Dec

Accessing my higher consciousness is a rather particular process. I picture my name. It holds so much power. I imagine my energy, a feeling like rods of cold glass, coursing through me. I begin to buzz. I am aware of my clothes touching my skin and I can taste the inside of my mouth. My hands are heavy and clumsy. My solar plexus feels warm. That’s when I know.

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The Moon and her Phases

1 Oct

When she disappears, I fall at her feet. I surrender in full.

Her invisible tides pull me into myself.  

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