Hello! I’m so glad we’re crossing paths right now. My name is Lashanda Forsberg. I’m 23 years old and I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where I currently reside. I am of European and Indian descent. I love all things hippie and witchy and I like to think I’m a decent cook.

 What you’re looking at is a childhood dream of mine.

I write. I write when I’m happy, sad, angry, disappointed, excited, nervous, confused. Writing helps me turn seemingly never-ending thoughts in my head into coherent work. Writing helps me take in the world and reflect on it. Writing helps me connect to myself and my experiences. In short, writing has, and continues to, shape who I am as a person.

This blog is a reflection of me and my inner child. I’ve truly always wanted a blog, a .com domain to call my own. I’ve always pictured myself crunched up in a cozy chair with a tea and my laptop, writing blog posts for the world. As I grow older, I realized I’ve neglected some parts of my inner child. What a shame. I’ve put this dream aside, afraid it would be a waste of my time, afraid no one would read or be interested in what I had to say, afraid I needed to monetize my hobby. To hell with all of that. I deserve to honour my inner child. And that is what this blog is.

Here, you will find writings of all kinds. Some personal essays, poems, astrology writings etc. If you get past this and enjoy my writings, please let me know! Use the “contact me” page to find my information.

My heart and soul are ahead. Treat her well! Happy reading 😊