Loneliness comes around

where no one is to be found.

It really doesn’t hurt.

Only when my mind is empty and inert,

am I reminded of the disconcert.

Loneliness brings me peace,

my energies increase,

it is where I practice release.

Others wonder what is wrong

But all along

I am as happy as the day is long.

You may see it as a flaw

but I only withdraw

to take time to unthaw

from the grit and the law,

from all of life’s hurrahs.

It is exhausting to be around many

and I have scarcely any

of myself

to give when I am ready.

So please

let me be

when my need

to be absentee

comes in strong like the sea.

One thought on “Loneliness

  1. Wow This is a wonderful poem Its important to be ok with that side Very profound M

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