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Earth and Air in Astrology

17 Nov

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Earth and Air are elemental opposites in astrology. Earth is grounding, mature, reliable, practical, prepared. Air is fickle, highbrow, unquantifiable, clever, curious.

Earth is tangible. You can plant your bare feet into soil and massage it between your toes, grab it and watch it discolour your hands and feet. Air is indefinable on its own. You can watch it sway trees and move oceans, but you cannot see air alone.

Earth is simple; what you see is what you get. To know Earth is to see, hear, touch, taste and smell it. Air is intricate; you can peel away metaphorical layers until the end of time. Air is a never-ending abyss that you can never quite get a grasp of.

Earth is blunt, unassuming. Things are straightforward with Earth, a no-nonsense energy. Air is complicated. Delegation and a slew of mental powers are needed for Air to function; nothing is ever easily discernable.

The Earth signs represent well, our earthly pleasures. Earth is concerned with everything our human senses can have. Air signs represent a higher intelligence; not necessarily better than our earthly pleasures, but nonetheless are a representation of higher knowledge than just what our senses perceive.

I see Taurus as static, Virgo as analytical, and Capricorn as cautious, while Gemini as haphazard, Libra as affable, and Aquarius as innovative. The Earth signs have a steady and careful way about their step, which is admirable, while air signs have a beautifully pioneering, sparking energy about them. Both signs have something to learn from each other, as opposing forces usually do. Earth can guide Air into being a reliable force in their own and others’ lives, while Air can help Earth with branching out and being active in the mind’s pursuits. Both energies are equally important in astrology, and in life, because astrology only reflects life itself. As above, so below.

The Opposing Nature of Fire and Water Signs

25 Sep

(click here for the post I wrote on the Earth and Air elements).

Fire and water are elemental opposites in astrology. Fire is pure, transparent, familiar, open, hot. Water is murky, hidden, unknown, segregate, cool.

Fire is easily attainable. The oceans have yet to be explored thoroughly.

Fire ignites passionately, releasing all it has to give into the cosmos, unadulterated. Water seems collected on the outside, but it is turbulent and complicated below its surface.  

Fire is intimidating and scorching, but its burning can be halted by even the smallest amount of water. There’s a subtleness and softness to water that calms the harshness of fire. Yet, water sees fire as a haven, a light place it can reach its drenched arms towards when things become too heavy and saturated.

The fire signs are unassuming in demeanor. Things are straightforward with the fire signs, a tell-it-like-it-is sort of energy. Water signs are calculating and brooding; there’s always an omen, something mysterious, a prophecy to take from every situation in life.

I see Aries as the go-getter, Leo as the creative and Sagittarius as the optimist, while Cancer is the homebody, Scorpio is the silent aggressor, and Pisces is the dreamer. The fire signs have this outward assertiveness that the water signs lack, but the water signs have a way about introspection that fire signs might struggle with.

Although these elements appear to be opposites in description, they each have something they can offer to each other. It is a push-and-pull relationship that is ever so apparent in astrology, and that I think really captures the human condition well; we contain multitudes. We may want opposing things at the same time. We may have conflicting thoughts, wants and needs. But both are necessary.